Cold and Dry Storage / 40 and 20-ft Freezer and Refrigeration units - $1 (Plainville)

Quality Containers at the Lowest prices:


⦁ We are a credible Cold and Dry Storage Solutions Company offering great quality containers at the lowest prices!

⦁ No matter what type of Cold or Dry Storage Solution you need, USA Container, Freezer & Refrigeration, LLC can help find an answer to meet your needs and your budget!

These Freezer and Refrigeration units were designed for international shipping of perishable goods and are extremely rugged, perfect for a harsh environment or storage on land. These units have proven to be very durable and reliable and provide a great solution to several industries, such as: restaurants, breweries, florists, food outlets, meat distributors, lobster companies, fruit and vegetable farmers and many other industries that may require Cold Storage Solutions.

⦁ Used/refurbished, insulated freezer/holding coolers with corrugated or stainless steel interior and t-bar aluminum flooring, for forklift and pallet jack traffic with used Carrier Cooler/Freezer equipment, newly painted refrigerator white

⦁ Our 40-ft and 20-ft containers are fully cleaned, sanded, primed, painted, wind and water tight and quality checked to ensure you get the best product

⦁ Lockable, double swing doors are standard on the rear of the container, and will allow forklift access

⦁ 40-foot unit exterior dimensions at 40-ft (length), 8-ft (wide) and 9-ft 6-in (height) or 8-ft 6-in (standard height), holds up to 18 pallets

⦁ 20-foot unit exterior dimensions at 20-ft (length), 8-ft (wide) and 8-ft 6-in (standard height), holds up to 8 pallets

⦁ Maintain temperatures ranging from +60 degrees Fahrenheit to -15 degrees Fahrenheit

⦁ 3-Phase Electric: Standard Voltage is 460/480 (requires a 30-amp breaker). If your Voltage is 208/230 (requires a 55-amp breaker), a Transformer is required at an additional cost

⦁ Our warranty includes (from date of delivery) 85-day parts and labor including a 1-year compressor warranty, parts only. Extended warranties are also available

⦁ Customization options that include flooring, doors and lighting are also available

We have a variety of Freezer and Refrigeration units in our inventory that are perfect for your cold storage needs. These used insulation Freezers and Refrigeration units sit at ground level for easy access or can be loaded on a chassis and backed into a loading dock

Our portable Freezers and Refrigeration containers can be shipped via flatbed, for easy off loading by a forklift at your location, or dropped in place by our roll-off landoll (tilt-bed) trailer

*We also carry used/insulated 40-ft and 20-ft container shells and non-working freezer/refrigeration units, now in stock

Permanent and temporary Dry Storage Solutions:

40-foot and 20-foot details

Our 40-ft and 20-ft steel cargo shipping and storage containers have an outside dimension of 40-ft or 20-ft length, 8-ft 6-in height, and 8-ft wide, making them an excellent choice for portable, on-site storage. Our container features:

⦁ Wind and water tight
⦁ Frames constructed with 8-ft gauge steel
⦁ Body construction of 14-ft gauge steel
⦁ 1-inch thick wood floors

Our containers are an ideal solution for a short-term or long-term space. These are suitable for building supplies, commercial use, home use and much more. Our containers offer secure storage too. The most common types are ISO steel shipping containers, residential storage, commercial storage and custom office containers.

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