Heart Issues? Heart Failure? There IS hope!

If your an older and/or disabled person who is feeling woefully out of shape and lack energy, this outdoor class meets 2-3 times a week in manchester to enable most to be able to show up for at least one class weekly.You can do this in street clothes, though some sweat pants and sneakers make it a little easier. Class will begin with certain exersises done at your own pace, to allow you to 'stretch those musicles, and get them used to working again. Especially for those with poor circulation and who have suffered edema or vein issues due to poor circulation. If your in heart Failure- You CAN bounce back a good degree, but you have to want to alter your lifestyle a bit. Will also, at some point- include short hikes walking to start to build endurance and get that heart pumping a little better-for those who feel up to it. I'm an older person who has survived two major heart attacks and have lived almost 8 years beyond where they told me I would! I also had circulation issues (and leg ulcers) which through study- I cured myself and no longer have such issues. Get in better shape than you are! Classes will now begin in late May (earlier as weather allows) and is super affordable either 'per class' or monthly. Class for one to a dozen people most likely at Globe Hollow or across the street at Mt. Nebo. If considered disabled-please explain particular disability.

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