275 gallon Food Grade IBC Totes Tank - $70 (Wallingford)

condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 48"L x 40"W x 48"H
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275 gallon Food Grade IBC Totes Tank

$70 each for 2 or more

$75 individually

Like new condition. These totes have only been used once.

These are great for water collecting and also storing home heating oil and diesel fuels. These totes would also work well for biodiesel, WVO, diesel, gas, RAIN water, Garden water, rainwater, greywater, petroleum products of any kind. Pretty much anywhere you would need liquid storage.

Also, great for growing fish and produce in a highly productive way.

I have a number of 275 gallon IBC metal framed plastic totes which may be used for most kinds of liquid storage. They were originally used for transporting food grade vegetable oil or liquid nutrients and would be suitable for needs requiring a chemical free container.

The residual contents are 100% food grade and can be easily rinsed with water if required.

I'm currently using one of the IBC totes as a portable water storage source and it works great. They are constructed of food grade polyethylene.

The exterior of the tanks are very clean but some may have some residue left in the bottom.

The totes are 40" wide by 48" deep by 48" high and weigh around 120 pounds. They have a 6 inch screw on cap on the top and a 2 inch valve down at the bottom that, with an adapter, a hose may be attached to.
They are mounted on a metal or plastic pallet and are very sturdy. Can be stacked full, 3 high. On occasion, some totes have 3 inch values.

The IBC tanks are in great condition. They have been emptied, but may have some liquid food residue in the bottom.

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