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Ed and Al's Crap Stand (Willington, CT)

15 Cemetery Road

(google map)

friday 2020-07-31
sunday 2020-08-02

start time: 11am

C'mon down to Ed and Al's Crap Stand!
Lots of fine crap!
Haggle with a 5 and 7 year old!

My two sons (Ed and Al) wanted to start a lemonade stand to make some money. Ed read about lemonade stand riches in a book somewhere, and he's been going on about it since.
Problem is, I keep tellin em, we don't have any lemonade.
"Well, what do we have?" they reply.
"Crap. We have lots of crap." I tell them
"Well, let's sell that!"

So, Friday and Sunday c'mon down to Ed and Al's Crap Stand. There's something for everyone, and all items are under 10 bucks. Most way under. Like really way under. (Except toys. The boys seemed to have priced toys really high. I think economists call it the "endowment effect"... but I digress.)

All proceeds go directly to a 5 and 7 year old. I think they're going to try to buy some video game thing. Or candy. Negotiations are tense and ongoing. (But probably candy.)

A sampling of items:
-Ceramic plates and bowls
-Beer mugs. So many beer mugs
-Cookie Spritz press thing. It's like a caulk gun for cookies, I don't know what it's called
-Bread machine
-Pasta machine
-Rowing machine (free with purchase of bread machine and pasta machine)
-Beer mugs. Still more beer mugs.
-Gallon ceramic jug
-Old Computer towers. No power supply or hard drive. Might make a cool gerbil habitat or something
-old timey GE fans
-boxes of cables. All the cables. So many cables.
-Carpet shampooer. (Sprays and sucks, but doesn't clean, just like my... nevermind.)
-Pancake skillet
-Yarn and needle things
-Wooden salad bowls
-Big round hat box thing with floral print. WTF even came in this box? None of our hats are that big.
-DVD Player
-Brita water picture, new in box!
-Doorknobs (maybe)
-Beer mugs. We still have beer mugs.
-Surge protectors of questionable protection. Probably still good for really small surges. Maybe.
-Vases. Yeah, I think those are vases. You could put flowers in them.
-Blender base and lid (missing glass jar) and french press lid and plunger (missing glass jar) SOLD AS SET

AND SO MUCH MORE! (Maybe, depending how deep into the garage, shed, attic, and basement I get.)

Friday 8/31 11am-5pm
Sunday 8/2 11am-5pm, or until all the crap is gone. (Seems unlikely)

Also, we might have lemonade.

-Chuck (Ed and Al's Dad)

P.S. The Governor requires masks and social distancing. (And by 'The Governor' I don't mean Lamont, that's just my pet name for my wife.)

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