Msa Model # 472670 Facepiece,Abrasi-Blast,Lg,Dual X,Hycar Facepiece, - $325 (Ellington)

Msa Model # 472670 Facepiece,Abrasi-Blast,Lg,Dual X,Hycar Facepiece, 1 thumbnailMsa Model # 472670 Facepiece,Abrasi-Blast,Lg,Dual X,Hycar Facepiece, 2 thumbnailMsa Model # 472670 Facepiece,Abrasi-Blast,Lg,Dual X,Hycar Facepiece, 3 thumbnail
Combining state-of-the-art features with MSA's precision engineering, the Ultra Elite full-face mask is our top model in this range. The ergonomic design makes this a comfortable unit, while the 5-point harness makes it easy to put it on or take it off. The distortion-free coated lens provides a wide field of vision, while the unique airflow prevents lens misting. The face blank has a single-sealing flange and comes in rubber or silicone, while the speech diaphragm makes communication easy to discern making it the perfect mask for many different applications. Check the make and model # 472670 and price it out on google . This is a amazing price for this mask being a air fed respirators.. MSA is the highest quality and best design respirator in the business. Size is Large .This is a great price!!!! . Single purchasers will save hundreds of dollars. Excellent quality . You will not be disappointed!! Thanks for looking. .TJ.
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There are also external air pumps for these respirators on eBay and Amazon. .( Trudsafe ) makes them and other companies.. They are very reasonable priced waist mounted units that have many different types of air filters for your application. There are many staionary units and portable ambient air pumps also. ( Bullard is one ) Please read about these masks and the proper way they were meant to be used. This is your responsibility. Please be knowledgeable and understand what your buying. Any questions about this mask please ask. You can go on line and type in this Make of mask ( MSA) and model number # 472670 and find the manual and read all about this mask on line to see if it is what you need. There are many sites to go to for instructions on proper use for this mask and many others. One of the most important site is ( OHSA , (.https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.134) Copy and paste this. This section applies to General Industry (part 1910), Shipyards (part 1915), Marine Terminals (part 1917), Longshoring (part 1918), and Construction (part 1926) .Very informative site is Osha for all your needs of proper use for this mask. . Proper training, fit testing and knowing what to do when working in confined space is very important. Have a plan and always have a partner. YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN A SALE OF THIS MASK. Just to let you know we sell these in multiply marketplaces So we don't know when these will run out or availability will end.. . These are $900.00 mask

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